About us

Welcome to the website of Heein Corporation,
a company that has grown together with
our loyal customers based on trust.

As a platform where we can share various opinions with our customers, we expect our website to contribute to the development of both our company and the companies of our customers.

Since our establishment in 2010, Heein Corporation has been steadily growing and developing while receiving much love and support from our customers. With the spirit of youth and wisdom as our main driving force, we conduct our business and practice transparent management while always adhering to the basics and solid principles and striving to create a better future.

Heein Corporation specializes in electric protection equipment, providing essential electric equipment and technical services for the electric power industry, a key industry in Korea. We are preparing for a bright future by providing a total solution and expanding our electric equipment and apparatus business overseas by constantly developing overseas markets.

All employees will do their absolute best to ensure that we develop into an extraordinary export company that grows together with customers by constantly pursuing challenges and changes based on our capabilities in the export core business.